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Welcome to My Faery-Faith Page

I follow a path of paganism based on ancient Irish tradition with modern practices enmeshed. Currently I am a formal initiate, initiated by Kisma herself.

Essentially in print there are two main books on the Faery Faith and a Tarot pack. All scribed by Kisma K. Stepanich, who graciously took me as an apprentice. These books are being taken out of print, so if you want them get on it and get them. The Tarot pack has been rereleased, with a not as extensive manual.

Faery Wicca Book 1Faery Wicca Book 2Faery Wicca Tarot

These books don't cover everything in the tradition at all though. Most of your learning comes through personal experience and researching the myths and legends of Ireland. I am a member of the Faery-Faith Network & The Fellowship of Isis.

If you are interested in the Faery-Faith check out the official website of the Faery-Faith Network, http://faeryfaith.org.

Other than that, look forward to seeing some more of my stuff popping on-line, possibly even an on-line Book of Shadows, who knows?


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Last updated June 22, 2003

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