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Well this is my page on Gaming. I decided to do this page to pretty much cover stuff in my own games. For general information on the games I have made links to take you to some the best resources I have been able to locate on the web. People that have devoted a lot of their time to these games and are real on-line gurus when it comes to their gaming universe of choice.

White Wolf

White-Wolf is by far one of the best game makers out there. What most types of role-playing games dedicate a book section to, White-Wolf dedicates an entire system to. They make some of the most interesting games I have ever played. Out of all of the rpg's out there, the fanbase is by far one of the most creative. There are many 'unsanctioned' games created by avid players. Best example being rules created for Immortals; usually just like Highlander.

The best on-line resource I've found is B.J. Zanzibar's World of Darkness. Check it out.

BJ Zanzibar's

I have a few different characters for this game that I will post. They appear to be Monty Hall sometimes, but I have worked hard to make these characters what they are. Also the games they play in are fairly difficult, and none to easy to survive. In fact it's pretty good that my favorite is Immortal, because he's died a lot (always making sure to kill the people responsible of course).



I've been playing Shadowrun since right after it was first released. I have both played it and game-mastered it. Shadowrun is something that has a completely different flavor from group to group. You can play the same adventure with different people and have it be a whole new experience each time. Now I love Shadowrun because my brain just works great with the system, I have had several GM's think I had played an adventure before, because I am kicking ass through the plotline. I am a looting god when it comes to Shadowrun, I have found ways to loot just about anything I see. My teams have even managed to capture and resell guard critters on several occasions.

FASA no longer owns Shadowrun, it is now carried by FanPro/Wizkids. Who have done a more than excellent job at keeping this killer game going. They've even made the first action figure game, Shadowrun Duels.

Blackjack's is excellent for Shadowrun and Strand's is pretty good for Earthdawn.

As with White-Wolf, I'll share some of my characters for this game. A couple I've retired since they were just too tough to play anymore. They have since abandoned the Shadow world and live lives of luxury in their retirement.


Earthdawn unfortunately I haven't played very much. I love the game though and it is a great tragedy that FASA has decided to stop producing it. This game is very versatile, just like Shadowrun. I have yet to play an actual module.

Living Room Games has bought the rights to produce Earthdawn. Please support them and keep this awesome game alive

Living Room Games

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Last updated June 22, 2003

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