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An update

I figured I should probably actually update my journal, since it’s been quite a while.

Lessee… what’s new? Just got back from California. Went down for my Granpa’s 75th and spent a lot of time with all the various members of my family. It was a pretty cool trip. Unfortunately the first night we stayed at my Uncle Jack’s his cat caused my allergies to go totally berserk. I still haven’t fully recovered from that, the cough is still just lingering. Got to go to Downtown Disney while I was there to pick up a replacement Tinkerbell for the one that got broken. That place is incredible, so many different places to go shopping, eating etc. It’s way cool. Unfortunately spent a lot of the day of the actual party feeling kind of crummy from my allergies, so I just drank a lot and got pretty numbed 🙂 Later that night after the party Kim, Devin, and I went out to a local dive bar called the Beach Ball on Newport Beach. That was pretty cool, you could walk out the front door of the bar and look right at the ocean, since it was across the street 🙂 Afterward went and crashed at Devin’s place, which is a pretty nice pad. We got up the next morning and went back to my Uncle Jack’s. Everybody was getting ready to go to the beach, and take all the various munchkins with us. We ended up going to Corona Del Mar, which is a pretty calm beach with tidepools and stuff. We chased around a bunch of crabs, caught some live starfish (and set them loose), and collected some shells. After that, we went back to Uncle Jack’s and all headed seperately home.

Once I got back, I went over to Brad and Tennille’s to hang out and ended up crashing for the night, cuz I drank a ton 🙂 (there seems to be a trend here). Did the same thing the next night. The next night I went to Heber, hung out with Jessie, Carrabelle, and Debbie and also drank a ton. I think my extracurricular activities are pretty much the same wherever I go. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get into the hottub, apparently someone decided late night hottub runs weren’t cool for that night.

I skipped a whole ton of work before the vacation because I wasn’t feeling well. Got to spend some time with Tennille, Jackie and Jessie because of it though. It was pretty cool, unfortunately my check sucks because of it and I have hardly any money for the next couple of weeks. I can’t wait until we get things worked out for this new SF location of Stogies so I can have a life again. As of right now I’ll most likely have Sunday night off this week, not entirely sure what I’m going to do yet. The next time I’ll have off after that will probably be Saturday after next. That’s if my schedule change goes into effect, if not I’ll have Monday and Tuesday off. Not really sure which I prefer right now, since I haven’t been working too much I have a hard time being there. In fact I missed so much work, if I didn’t kick so much ass at my job, I wouldn’t have one right now. I’m still just trying to talk Mark into moving me full-time asap. Even before the new store if possible. I hate telephone work.

Anyway, gotta go. Mark wants me to cruise past the place he is thinking of putting the new store, so I can give him my input on whether it’s a good spot.