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People are cheap

So, just like any webhost out there, our servers occasionally have issues. It’s a computer, it’s designed to fuck up, royally, and one day flush everything important in your life down the toilet, so BACK IT UP!

Regardless, these people have this idiotically concieved notion that we are ripping them off because their site went down for a total of 12 hours.


Really Jenius, if your site makes thousands in just a few hours, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING ON SHARED HOSTING??? douchebag.

What these morons fail to realize is at the grandiose fee of $95.40 a year, one day’s hosting equates out to exactly 26 cents. Even if your site went down for an entire day, you truly only lost 26 cents, Jerk! Most of the time, your website is down for a whopping 12-14 hours, which is equivalent to 13 cents. Sure we’ll credit you for your lost hosting, NOT.

We offer excellent support at dirt cheap prices. Personally, I’m still not sure how we do it and stay in business. I think it’s because only 2% of our customer’s ever actually call us, because the rest have learned to use the brains that God gave them! I would like to see anyone get 1/2 the service that we offer at our price. Not to mention, we’re American. If you want an inexpensive host that can speak English clearly, not outsourced support, we’re pretty much it from what I hear.

What it boils down to, you freaking primates, is you get what you pay for. In the case of my company, you get WAY FREAKING MORE than you pay for, and you should be grateful!!

Now, not all of our customer’s are so cranial-rectal bonded, but they sure are the one’s who seem to stick out the most. A large number of my customers that I speak to are decent, patient individuals. Unfortunately, they are what I consider to be a ‘break’ call, in between the complete and total retards.

I am still of the official opinion that computer’s should require some kind of ‘entrance’ exam. If you can’t power the thing up, why are you spending several hundred, if not thousands of dollars on it. Then you come to us and bitch about your lost 26 cents.

’nuff said.