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Journal Entry 4: Article Analysis

Infrequently Asked Questions of FAQs

This article on A List Apart made some excellent points.  I often encounter issues where I would like to have my answers given easily by a FAQ, only to start reading a bunch of marketing goo.  If I’m digging around on your site for information, that you are not providing, no amount of ‘buy it cuz it’s awesome’ will convince me that is correct.  I want to know details about what I’m considering purchasing.  While reading this article, I recalled encountering the same issues the author refers to, being exasperated, and thinking much along the same lines.  Most FAQ’s out there are totally useless.  When I’m discussing site design, and page choices with a customer, I make sure that they have a truly viable reason to have each element they want to include.  Yes, there are common staples to most sites, but that doesn’t mean that every site needs to have them.  About Us pages are also one of the most worthless pages on most people’s sites, the same information included in them could simply be part of the Contact section of their site instead.  For me an About Us page should reflect the owners of the site/business, add a human element to the digital interface.  FAQ’s are essentially supposed to provide the same function, as if you are asking a business receptionist a question they can easily answer.  Most marketing related questions should be reflected in the product information, not in a FAQ.