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So once again here I am posting on my Live Journal. Something I never do. There is like this remote possibility that maybe some of you freaks out there are actually interested in reading what goes on inside of my screwed up mind.

Anyway, I’m still here with Tennille, doubt that’s going to change. I’m actually more comfortable with things in my life than I think I have ever been. I am still adjusting to helping take care of kids, but I don’t think that I will ever get used to that.
Unfortunately it seems that sometimes things in life require some readjustment on other levels. I don’t really see many of my friends too much anymore, apparently my house is too far to come to for a visit. Honestly though, I’m not really that concerned about it though, I don’t really have much time to just ‘be’ with 4 kids around, having people over regularly would probably start to drive me nuts. Mark, Sue, Joe and Fitt still make it over at least once a week to game though, which is way cool. My cousin Brandon doesn’t live too far away either, and occasionally makes it over for a game of pool. I’ve actually found myself slipping pretty well into ‘hermit’ mode where I don’t get out too much, but I’m not unhappy with that. Tennille and I seem to be on about the same level of needing ‘escape’ and go clubbing or hit a movie when we are getting a little stir crazy.

Anyway, I’m pretty tired from a day out with the munchkins and I think I’m going to kick back and watch a movie with my sweetie.

Slan Agat!