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Hating WoW more and more every day

So.  I used to play WoW.  I got involved enough to eventually get my main to 80 and even managed to do some high-end raids.  During one of these high-end raids that took well over 12 hours to complete, my loathing for the game began.

I have never played a game that I find as intensely irritating and aggravating as I find WoW.

My primary complaints are:

  1. Godawful graphics.  WoW is by far one of the most butt-ugly games in existence when compared to the disgusting level of system resources it requires to run it.  Cartoony looking avatars should NOT make my graphics card work hard, especially when games that require much higher fps (such as Left for Dead 2) do NOT tax my graphics nearly as much as WoW and it’s awful rendering.
  2. Assholes.  They’re everywhere, no matter what you do.  If you want to do anything other than Solo content (which you cannot ‘defeat’ the game solo) you HAVE to deal with assholes.  Granted, I could probably play for a couple years doing nothing but quests, but then I’d never get to see the ‘end’ of the game, hence, to truly play the game, you are FORCED to deal with people at one point or another that you would likely kick the teeth in of were you to meet them in real life.
  3. ADDICTS.  When I was in high school, no one wanted to sit and listen to me talk about how cool my Dungeons and Dragons character was.  Now that all of you tools have finally succumbed to some kind of geekdom, I’m really not interested in hearing about it.  I really don’t give a flying crap about how many achievements you have, or that you have oodles of phantom digital gold.  Guess what, my Shadowrun character has a couple million nuyen, and I’ve earned over 200 karma, I’m a grade 6 initiate… see how lame that gets?  I’m really not interested in your cool gear, or how awesome you are at stun-locking someone, anymore than I am interested in political or religious discussions.

In short, screw WoW, screw Blizzard, and if you want to talk about WoW to me, piss-off.