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Another day at work

Having a fair amount of issues today at work. They just updated the mailservers to a new mail handler. There have been a few issues with getting this ‘up and running’ smoothly. Hopefully things will be sorted out soon for the change.

I had one call that took about an hour, because the customer had set all of his mis-addressed mail to dump into an account that was never checked. The mail ended up taking up a gig and a half of storage FOR FREAKIN E-MAIL!! There were a total of 170,000+ mails that were hogging down his site. Took almost an hour to get the whole problem completely resolved, and totally pooched my numbers for the day. Oh well, still have a few hours left to go, hopefully it will correct itself.

Well Getting Back into the Blogging

Well my work wants us to get familiar with this thing, since we are very ‘partnered’ with WordPress. I’ve spent a little time trying to get at least a moderately decent template in for look. Will eventually change this to something that suits me more.

I’m also going to try and import over all of my livejournal pages so that they can be seen here.