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FRONTPAGE SUCKS!!! For the sake of the rest of the world, STOP USING MICROSOFT’S WEB DESIGN PRODUCTS!!!

Microsoft has for years produced ‘web-design’ software. Initially this software was produced under the name of Frontpage, now it is called Expression Web, or Sharepoint Designer.

First off, when something specifically requires your software to function correctly, it is no longer specifically ‘web-design’ software. It becomes something else, it should be called Frontpage Designer. They have now fixed this error of naming in the new version of their software, Sharepoint Designer.

The problem comes with the fact that Microsoft sells this product without correctly informing their customers how it functions. For example, in order to use 50% of the functions of Frontpage, it requires that the webhost have FPSE (Frontpage Server Extensions). FPSE is the crappiest ‘tool’ ever created by man. It causes more issues than any other thing I have ever encountered.

Problems with FPSE

  1. They are not cross-browser compliant. i.e. You build this fancy site in Frontpage, it looks beautiful, you spent HOURS making it. You go to your in-laws to show it off, they have a Macintosh that runs Firefox as their web-browser, NOT Internet Explorer. You have them browse to your site, and… it looks like total trash, like a 3 year old did it (although that is insulting to many talented 3 year olds), the navigation doesn’t work properly, elements are skewed all over the page. Frankly, it makes you look unprofessional, and in my opinion, like you ride the short-bus.
  2. Even Microsoft no longer supports the things, they stopped supporting it a while ago. The last set of extensions is technically FPSE 2002. They even released another version of Frontpage (2003) and did not update them.
  3. Linux hosting environments are forced to install them in order to get clientèle. So many mentally challenged individuals, that just HAVE to have a website, use Frontpage. These people are also cheap, they use the program that came bundled with their crappy prefabbed computer made by Dell/Compaq/Buttnuck Computer Specialists. So, they want cheap hosting. Well, cheap hosting pretty much only comes in the Linux variety (because MS has ass-raping licensing fees).  So we get stuck with the specially educated FP users.

I am so sick and tired of these idiots blaming all of their Frontpage woes on us.  Frontpage is a piece of crap software, designed for mental-midgets.  If you want to have a website on the internet, hire a designer, or get off of your lazy ass and learn how to actually build the site without using shite software.

Granted I use a wysiwyg (Dreamweaver), but I know how to do HTML myself.  I also know enough to be dangerous when it  comes to PHP, actionscript, and CSS.  But also, Dreamweaver doesn’t fuck up my code like Frontpage does.  The only reason I even have experience with Frontpage, is because Satan’s Web Design Sweatshop (a.k.a. h3r!tage web design (name concealed so I don’t boost their already grossly inflated search engine ranking)) made me do it.  After the mental trauma caused to me as a result of being tortured with this supposed ‘web editor’, I quit.  I should have sued them, and made them pay for mental therapy for the trauma they caused me (honestly, that job was AWFUL!!!).

Anyway, the motto of this story is:

If you are so retarded you need Frontpage to build your site, then you don’t really need/deserve a website, and please please for the LOVE OF GOD don’t inflict your thimble collection or whatever crap you’re peddling on the rest of us… idjit.