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So, last Thursday I started my new class at UVU for ‘Designing for Digital Devices’. During the syllabus presentation, we were informed that in order to design for a digital device, we had to have one to test on.
Pretty basic logic there.
We were given tentatively 3 choices: an iPhone, an iPod Touch, or a Zune HD. These devices arguably hold the greatest market share, with iPods/iPhones topping that out.
So after weighing the options I quickly decided several things. First, after having a Windows Mobile phone for the last couple years, I really am not that impressed by Microsoft’s mobile stuff, so that automatically excludes the Zune. Second, I really hate iPods. Third, I really hate iPhones. Fourth, I’m really beginning to dislike iAnything, because all of these idjits who are technotards have one and think they are sooooo awesome because of it. Fifth, the iPod touch is a castrated iPhone. Sixth, I hate the iPhone.
So after all of this, and despite my hate/hate ideals regarding the iPhone, I hopped onto my att wireless online account and ordered one. I felt disgusted with myself immediately, and have had to tell myself continually that if I really want to make money doing this kind of stuff, I have to have what ‘everyone else has’, bleh.
So, the next day, I get my shipping confirmation from att, with my fedex tracking junk. I plugged the number in on fedex’s site to find out when I can expect it to arrive. It tells me 1-12-2010. So, I wait, and the 12th comes and goes, no iPhone. I check the tracking on FedEx again, still says the same thing it said last time I checked. ‘The package is in Memphis, and due to arrive on the 12th’.
So, today, I had a couple other FedEx packages arrive, no iPhone. So I chat with FedEx, they tell me:

A FedEx representative will be right with you…
You have been connected to Tanesia .
Tanesia : Hello Kyle, thanks for visiting! May I have your tracking number?
Kyle Siemer: 408621144226
Tanesia : I’m sorry for the inconvenience. The box was received in our overgoods department empty. Please contact your shipper so they can file a claim with Fedex.
Kyle Siemer: okay, thank you

Fast, to the point, great. Not real awesome they sat on an empty box and failed to notify anyone, but whatever.
So, then comes att’s turn. The first rep I got there was, hmm.. how can I say this politely…, stupid. After wasting 5 minutes trying to communicate to her that I didn’t have the empty box, FedEx did, I finally just asked to be escalated.
I sat on the phone for around 20 minutes waiting on a supervisor. I get the supervisor on the phone who proceeds to inform me of the incompetence of att and fedex in shipping iPhones and the problem they are having with them being stolen. Also, that I have to wait 24-48 hours for my missing package to be ‘investigated’ before they can even think about sending a new one. Yeah, rrrreally.
So I escalate again. I finally get to a manager who tells me pretty much the same thing, but finally offers to expedite the ‘investigation’ and bump the shipping on the replacement to next-day.
At this point I’ve been on the phone for like 40 minutes fighting with morons, who fail to grasp the concept that they are holding my money hostage. They have charged me for an object I haven’t received, and no amount of chargeback threats seem to sway them. So I agreed to the idiotic solution. I will wait until this time tomorrow before I call back again to find out wtf is going on with my money and my iPhone.

Did I mention I hate iPhones?