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bitch and moan

Apparently I don’t update this enough I am told.
Does this really come as a surprise, I doubt it.

Anyway life has gotten crazy but good all at the same time. After my friend Brad passed away things got incredibly crazy, the whole Rushton residence was just a total state of chaos. I’ve been over here every day since, helping out with the kids and assisting Tennille with retaining her sanity. Through all of the trials that have come from all of this, Tennille and I have gotten rather close.
I actually feel more comfortable and content in my current state than I have felt in a very long time. It has been strange kind of acting as dad to four kids. Especially considering I was not really planning on having any of my own for a while, if ever. However, they have gotten a pretty good grip on me, and make me feel at home.

I am also finally about to start my new job as Store Manager for the Spanish Fork Stogies. We will be opening our doors for business on the 7th of July. I won’t be stressing about my money anymore and will finally have a handle on my debt. If you live in Utah, listen to the new 105.7 alternative station, we are running ads on there. We will be having a big grand opening on the 31st of July with giveaways and everything.

Well, I’m not feeling especially ranty, so hopefully that will make everyone feel better that wanted to know what’s going on.