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Alpine Slide Tomorrow

So, we’re taking Danny on the Alpine Slide tomorrow.  Decided to look up some videos of it, this one was pretty awesome.

More of the room

Got some more muddin done last night.  Finished the 2nd coat of the walk-in closet, and started the bay window.  Discovered for myself it seems to be a whole hell of a lot easier to just do ALL of the corners, then work on everything else.  So when i get to it tonight, I’ll be whipping through the corners of the entire room, then moving to do the seams.  Hopefully i can get the remainder done today, now that i’ve got a kind of system goin’.

Tomorrow unfortunately for this project, starts the first day of this semester of school.  This will slow me down a bit for getting this done,  I will hopefully have a 4 day weekend this weekend.  If so, even if i don’t get all the paint up, I should hopefully be done with all of the mudding, including the texture.

More of the room

Finally got over my stupid sinus-infection enough to get some more done.  I managed to get most of the joints sanded down, ultimately not going to waste much time on the rest of it.  Ultimately everything i’m finding pretty much just says to sand right at the end, but only knock down big imperfections in the mud by ‘scraping’ it down.

Been looking into some information about how to do the spray-on texture.  So many conflicting ways, I have a hopper gun, i think i’m just going to thin down topping compound for it.  All these places suggest using texture compound, but that doesn’t sound ‘strong’ enough for walls from what i understand.  All sorts of differing ideas about putting primer down first, adding paint to it etc, LAME idea.  I know all of the stuff i’ve seen has not been done this way.

So inevitably I’m just gonna end up playing around with it a bit.  Gonna go home tonight and crank out a ton more of all-purpose joint compound, so hopefully by Wed/Thurs I can start doing some topping on the joints so that I can get the texture sprayed by Friday.  I swore I would get started on painting this weekend, and plan on keeping that promise to myself.

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