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Castle Ravenloft – The Boardgame

So, I purchased this game quite a while ago, shortly after it had been released.

I had a lot of nostalgia around this game, as it was one of my favorite adventures from my days of playing D&D.
Ultimately, I love this game, I haven’t managed to get through all of the scenarios yet, but what I’ve played I’ve really enjoyed. I’ve read some reviews of people complaining that it is too difficult, that they often fail. I say, you suck! I have come soooo close to failing this so many times, only to pull off the adventure by the skin of my teeth, I LOOOOOVVVVEEE IT! A game that comes that close to killing you is a CHALLENGE, and I love a good challenge. I can easily see how you could die repeatedly, but only if you aren’t cooperating with your party. If everyone at the table is playing cooperatively, instead of competitively, this game is difficult, but well worth the struggle.

Anyway, I think if you enjoy board games, and rpg’s, this is a great, non-commital way to get your fix. It only takes a few hours to run through an adventure, and you don’t feel obligated to ever do more than that. A great game.

On a side note, I was so impressed with Ravenloft, I also just ordered Wrath of Ashardalon, designed similarly, and with house rules can be combined with Ravenloft.