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Decided to tie FB into my normal blog

So. I decided to integrate my WordPress into Facebook. Sort of as a personal encouragement to get off my ass and occasionally post to my blog.
I tend to be a whole lot better about updating on Facebook than I am on my blog. So I figured I’d just use my blog to post directly to Facebook.
Not only that, but I can continue ranting for as long as I wish to on my blog, without having to worry about stupid Facebook character limits.

My Nerdiness

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New Renter

So a sad day came about 3 weeks ago. Our regular (for like 2 years) renters, Darren and Angela let us know that they were going to be moving out. It gets to be kind of hard, living right next to your tenants. You get to be friends with them, and miss them greatly when they leave. Unfortunately, every tenant is only temporary when it’s an apartment. People tend to change them as often as jobs change anymore.

Good news, like everything else they did when they rented from us, they were great about the notice. They gave us 30 days (like they are supposed to) and actually moved out in like 15. This gave us ample time to prepare the apartment for new tenants (not that much preparation was necessary, Ang kept the place ultra-clean).

Our new renter Marva, is working out great. She got us full deposit+rent weeks before she even moved in. This gave us the ability to get the apartment spiffed up a little before she moved in.  Her sister is currently staying with her, but this works out ok, since she has a couple of girls that are around our kid’s ages.

Pretty good so far, great renter, things are good and stable too.

Well Getting Back into the Blogging

Well my work wants us to get familiar with this thing, since we are very ‘partnered’ with WordPress. I’ve spent a little time trying to get at least a moderately decent template in for look. Will eventually change this to something that suits me more.

I’m also going to try and import over all of my livejournal pages so that they can be seen here.