Great book I read as a kid

So, something at work got us talking about how we never have enough time to get stuff done, and it made me think of this book I read when I was a kid. Except, I couldn’t remember what the book was actually called. So I quested about a bit, and found it: Singularity by William Sleator
For some reason this book always had a bit of a profound effect on me, it’s a really interesting story about a pair of twins, one a bit bigger, and somewhat of a bully to the other. Well they happen to coincidentally find a time anomaly in the shed out behind their house (go fig). After a frustrating batch of bullying from the bigger brother, the smaller brother sneaks out one ‘night’ and stays for an entire year within the anomaly of the shed, working out, getting stronger, and becoming one year older than his twin. It was a very interesting read.

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