Learning so far

So far this semester has been much of a refresher for me, a chance to put some of my skills to use.  However after receiving my excellent feedback regarding my xhtml+css pre-assessment, I was shown a couple of ways to do things differently.

I originally learned to build webpages back when tables were all that was available for controlling your layout.  After css came out, I sort of fell out of the loop for a while.  I struggled for some time to get css to behave the way I wanted.  I finally am getting a good handle on how to implement css pretty well.

The feedback from my pre-assess was very helpful, there were a few ‘ugly’ mistakes I had made.  After reviewing the pre-assess I turned around and implemented the suggested alternatives, and of course they worked quite well.  It took a little tweaking of my overall stylesheet to get everything to work out cleanly, but I was able to reproduce the same, if not better, look.  I had used comic sans as a font, because I was struggling to find a font that would duplicate the design appearance.  However, a quick replace with Verdana, leaving it with the font style of italic, produced the results I wanted.

I am really appreciating having involved online instructors.  Taking classes online is always a challenge in it’s own right, it’s great to have good instructor support.

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