What’s The Point?

Sort of lost and confused right now. Went to work today, got in no problem, started work like normal. Busted ass for about an hour.
Then I get pulled into the back room by my boss. I get told how I basically just slack all the time (not true) and how he essentially doesn’t want me there anymore. He pulls out this stack of write-ups for the most trivial ass stupid shit. Then tells me that if I even sneeze wrong he’ll fire me, now that he’s got the documentation.
I thought I was on good terms with my co-workers, but that is apparently not the case. They decided to be two-faced pieces of shit and tell him all sorts of shit. Some true, a lot false. I toe up for the shit that’s true, what pisses me off is the lies. I greatly dislike being called a liar. I hate people I can’t trust. I’m done, I’m sick of making new friends, all that ends up happening is you get a knife in the back. I never did anything wrong to anyone there _ever_, and that’s how I get treated. Well I guess they’ll all be happy when they get someone just as nazi as Paul in there for their new assistant manager. And I am done being a manager. I will never accept a management position again, there is entirely too much drama. Besides, I’m pretty sure there aren’t ‘managers’ per se in the special fx business. I know I’ll be working for someone, I also know they won’t be anal-retentive assholes like Paul, and if they are, well I can always go find another job.
Anyway, I’ve already applied at two different places that are hiring. Both pay better than Spencer’s so no biggie, I just need to start in the next week or so, or I am massively screwed for car payment and insurance. Not really looking too forward to doing temp work to cover, just want to start a new job asap. Thankfully I still have a part-time job, I just need to find something to make up the difference. On a positive note, one of the jobs I applied for has Graveyards available. Since I’m pretty much a night person anyway this is great, I can get paid to stay up all night like I do anyway. And I don’t have to lose sleep over it.
Anyway, hopefully things will work out.
Cuz I really don’t want to swing but I don’t think I can take much more.

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